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We have the most up to date shop in town with the most resources on hand to get you out the door in as little time as possible , with 6 bays open for multiple jobs at one time cutting our turn around time way faster than the norm. We only do top-quality professional  work, everything warranted. None of the horror stories I hear customers tell us about some of the other shops around. Many times we have gotten in equipment that other shops said needed a thousand dollars of work and we fixed for a couple hundred instead. Beware of cheap shops, that's what you get ! Cheap work! We strive to be the best, not the cheapest. We have found that OEM parts last longer and work better, so you do not have to return as often. But we will use after market parts or used, if you request. You're the boss, but never used parts with out your approval! We have a large selection of parts in stock, in most cases no ordering necessary.

    We have a huge selection of used parts, decks, engines, seats, etc, for we are also a mower recycle center. Getting rid of one? Bring it here. We will recycle all good parts. We work extended hrs in summer months to keep our turnaround time down. Pick up and delivery is supplied, if you need one picked up, based on millage  to and from, for fee. 

     Commercial clients get expedited service, because you have to get back out there to keep you contracts met .

   We sell parts, new and used. We sell used mowers, riders, push and Z-turns. call for selection, it rotates in and out often. Best if you just stop by, no appointment necessary.

The Work

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Clarks II Lawn Mower Repair